How to use a demo slider in your generator

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Making the Demo slider have dynamic data

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Step-by-Step instructions


Go to the main dashboard, and import one of our demo sliders. After the import, you'll be redirected to the Slider settings page.


Click on the slide you want to use. This will open the Slide editor. Copy the slide.


You can remove the slides from this sample slider, as you won't need them anymore.


Create a new dynamic slide. Configure it to your liking then hit the Save button to go back to the slide editing.


When you're in the dynamic slide's Slide editor, paste the copied slide.


Click on your Layers, and you can start working on what should be on them. Replace their images and texts with the variables offered by the DATA signs.

☝️  Note: if you have a background behind your slides, that is the slider background image, what you can find in the Slider settings → General, at the Slider design. You should probably remove that or change it to another one if you want to.

Show more dynamic data in a single slide

To pull more dynamic data to a single dynamic slide, use the Group result Pro feature.

You can select variables from different result groups at the Insert variable popup, under Select group

The 2nd group is selected, so the second post data will be added.

See the Tutorial Video:

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