To get started, learn how to configure your Slide. When you're in Default mode it can be useful to adjust the Content Layer.

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Available layers

The following layers are available in Smart Slider 3. You can find them categorized and listed in the same order as you can add them at the software.

What is a layer?


Row and Col, Heading Layer, Text Layer, Image Layer, Button Layer, Icon Layer Pro,


Image Box Layer Pro, Animated Heading Layer Pro, Highlighted Heading Layer Pro, Caption Layer Pro, Transition Layer Pro, List Layer Pro, Progress Bar Layer Pro, Circle Counter Layer Pro, Counter Layer Pro, Before After layer Pro, Countdown layer Pro


Video Layer Pro, YouTube layer, Vimeo Layer, Audio Layer Pro


Image Area Layer Pro, Iframe Layer Pro, Input Layer Pro, Area Layer Pro, Joomla Module Layer Pro, HTML Layer Pro

Finished adding your layers? Learn about the Layer Typography & Design and Layer Style.

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