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Raw HTML plugin WordPress

The Raw HTML plugin is putting <br> tags between the codes of svg images, which is messing up our shape dividers, so you shouldn't use this plugin if you want our slider to work well.

Social Media and Share Icons plugin WordPress

The Social Media and Share Icons plugin causes errors at the Shape divider's and Particle effect. Their popup window won't show up, because Social Media and Share Icons plugin triggers their code on our page, which shouldn't happen. So to solve this problem, you need to deactivate the Social Media and Share Icons plugin. They have been contacted about the issue on the December 1, 2018. and the problem might get fixed in future versions, so you could try to do an update first to see if that solves the problem!

If you don't have this plugin installed, look for JavaScript errors or run a plugin/theme conflict test.

Max Mega Menu plugin WordPress


The slider gets visible when the mouse is over the area where it should be.

Cause of the problem:

Max Mega Menu plugin uses "visibilily: hidden" to hide submenus, instead of using display: none, which is the proper way to do it. As a result, the slider is not hidden, so it's still over the elements of your page, you just can't see it. You can find an example that illustrates the difference here.


Add this CSS to your theme's CSS giving option, or to Customizer → Additional CSS:

li.mega-menu-item .n2-section-smartslider{
    display: none;

li.mega-menu-item.mega-animating .n2-section-smartslider,
li.mega-menu-item.mega-toggle-on .n2-section-smartslider{

CM Tooltip Glossary plugin WordPress


The published sliders aren't showing up. Part of the JavaScript code is written out on the website.


Exclude Smart Slider from CM Tooltip Glossary with one of these options:

  1. Within CM Tooltip Glossary's settings add the n2-section-smartslider,fitvidsignore,n2_clear classes to the Excluded HTML Classes option at Settings -> General Settings tab -> Term highlighting block
  2. If you are using shortcodes, wrap them around with [glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude] 
  3. Turn off Search for glossary items on this post/page where you use a slider.

JCH Optimize Joomla


Display issues with the sliders. There could be wrong slider, layer or control sizes and positions, so the slider just looks messed up.


At your Extensions -> Plugins -> System - JCH Optimize go to the Optimize CSS tab, where you should turn off the Optimize CSS Delivery settings.

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