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ALTER command denied

If you see an error message like this

ALTER command denied to user 'USERNAME'@'DBHOST' for table 'nextend2_section_storage'
ALTER TABLE `nextend2_section_storage` DROP INDEX `application`

that means the database user doesn't have the right to run the ALTER queries. ALTER queries are is a commonly used MySQL codes, so it should be allowed to run them. You should contact your server host and ask them to check the database user's permission, and make sure that it has the right to alter tables.

Can't DROP

If you see these messages following each other:

Can't DROP INDEX 'application'...
Duplicate key name 'application'...

there will be something wrong with your database. You can see how contradictory they are: First you are getting "Can't DROP INDEX `application` check that it exists", like if "application" wouldn't exists, then "Duplicate key name 'application'", so it does exists after all. This means, that either our ALTER or DROP database actions couldn't happen due to a misconfiguration/error on the server. You should contact your server host and ask them to fix this for you.

Duplicate key name

You might see a similar error to the previous one:

Duplicate key name 'application' for query ALTER TABLE `nextend2_section_storage` ADD INDEX `application`

without the "Can't DROP" message. The error in this case will still be the same, as the way our code runs is, that it first uses this code:

ALTER TABLE `#__nextend2_section_storage` DROP INDEX `application`

to DROP (delete) 'application' and the next ALTER code will only happen afterwards. So you couldn't have a duplicate 'application', if this DROP code would have been able to run. This means, that your database user either doesn't have permission to do  ALTER or DROP database actions due to a misconfiguration/error on the server. You should contact your server host and ask them to fix this for you.

Unknown column

If you see a similar error message:

Unknown column 'sliders2.status' in 'where clause'

your problem will be, that your database user is either not able to use DROP or ALTER database queries. Next to this error message probably you will see a "Try to repair database" button, what you should press. This will probably write out an error message with ALTER command denied or Can't DROP, to tell you exactly which permission is missing.

Disk full

An error message similar to this:

Disk full (/tmp/#sql_12ab_34); waiting for someone to free some space...<br>(errno: 28 "No space left on device")

means, that your server's space is full, and it isn't able to create files within the /tmp folder anymore. You should contact your server host and ask them to fix this for you. It is possible, that for some reason the /tmp folder is just full of not used files, and as you see here, someone just simply deleted those files and restarted the database, which fixed the problem for him. But it is also possible, that the allowed space is just not enough for your database queries to run. Either way, your server host should be able to resolve this problem!

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