Use of undefined constant NONCE_SALT

Error message

Use of undefined constant NONCE_SALT ... in Shortcode.php on line 192


Salts are secret keys in WordPress, which provide a layer of security to your site. They are defined in the wp-config.php. If you see the error that the NONCE_SALT is undefined, that means your wp-config.php file does not define this salt.

The NONCE_SALT should have been automatically generated for you when you set up your site. If you check WordPress's sample wp-config.php file you can see all salts starting from line 51.

define( 'NONCE_KEY','put your unique phrase here' );


Generate a new NONCE_SALT at WordPress salt generator

Open your wp-config.php file (you can use FTP or your host's file manager) and paste the generated NONCE_SALT code.

Paste it there in a similar placement, as you see in the sample file, before the /* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */ comment.

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