SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

A lot of servers are using a global certificate, which expired on September 30 2021. This creates an issue when you are trying to connect to our API. 

Check the error

Go to our Help center and under Possible Conflicts press the Test connection button, your page will get refreshed with an error log inside the Debug information part. That log will contain a similar error:

*   CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
  CApath: /etc/ssl/certs
* SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired


To resolve this problem, you should contact your server host and ask them to insert a new cacert.pem file into their servers, and configure it within their php.ini file. That way your website won't use the globally accessible certificate anymore, but it will have its own. From the error log you can also see a crt file at CAfile. They could check this file too, to make sure it is not expired.

☝️ Note: The SSL certificate the host needs to update is not your site's certificate, but the server's so called "root certificate". The communication between two websites can only happen via https and that uses a different certificate than the communication between the browser and the website.
So even if you have a valid certificate for your site for the SSL connection between the site and browser, you can still have another, expired certificate on the server that's used when your site communicates with other websites. If you receive the 60SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired error that means the server's root certificate has expired, and the host needs to update that.

You could also send them the link that explains the problem: and tell them it's impacting you as well.

⚠️ Warning: Server related problems need to be solved by the host. We're unable to provide support for server management.

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