Countdown layer

You can find the Countdown layer in the Slide Editor.

☝️ Note: This layer is only available in the Pro version of Smart Slider 3, from version

The translation of labels happens from our language files.

The Countdown layer lets you create a countdown for a time you set.



Use slide schedule

You can use the Unpublish on date of the Slide as the date of the counter. This way when the counter reaches 0, the slide will be unpublished.

Year, month, day, hour, minute

This is where you can set the date and time you want to count down to.

☝️ Note: The Countdown layer uses the timezone you set for your site. You can find the timezone setting at the following places:

  • on WordPress at Settings → General → Timezone
  • on Joomla at System → Global Configuration → Server → Website Time Zone


Show label

Displays the Days , Hours , Minutes , Seconds labels under the counter numbers.

☝️ Note: Do you want the labels to appear in your own language? Translate them by following the instructions at the translation article. You can also send us the .po file and we'll add it to the next release, so you won't have to repeat this step again.


Sets the vertical and horizontal distance between the numbers.


Displays the counter in a 4x1, 2x2 or 1x4 grid.

Columns value: 4 Columns value: 2 Columns value: 1
Tablet Style

You can set custom Gap and Column for tablet.

Mobile Style

You can set custom Gap and Column for mobile.


Action when ends

Choose the action you want to happen after the countdown reached its destination date.

  • No action: No action happens after the countdown reaches its destination. The numbers stay on 0.
  • Hide layer: Hides the count down layer after the countdown finishes.
  • Reload page: Reloads the page after the countdown is finished. Useful to pair with the Use slide schedule.
  • Redirect to URL: Redirects to the given URL.
Redirect to URL

Specify the URL you want to redirect your visitors if you choose Redirect to URL at Action when ends.



At the Typography you can select whether you want to adjust the font for the Countdown or Label.

Learn about the typography options at the Layer Typography & Design documentation.


Learn about the responsive options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the effect options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the position options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the size options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the advanced options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the animations at the Animation documentation.

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