Some people started to have presale questions connected to the security of Smart Slider, so we will write down the questions that came up multiple times, and the answers to them.

Where are we located at?

Our company is in Hungary, Győr.

Where is our software hosted?

We are using the CDN servers of CloudFlare. So our software is stored all around the world.

What security standard does Smart Slider meet?

We are following the security standards of WordPress and Joomla.

What data can Smart Slider access on a website and its server?

We are only accessing data, which are directly related to our plugin's functionality.

In theory, any PHP file can access any data on a website and its server, and we do have PHP codes, as all plugins do.

Are we sending any telemetry data back to our company?

No. There aren't any data sent back to us, only the Smart Slider Pro license key, when it is required.

Do you have GDRP compliancy?

Yes, if you set up Smart Slider that way.

Do you have any other compliancy?

We aren't tracking any other compliancies.

Will Smart Slider affect any SSO or MFA application?

The activation requires login through our website.

We aren't affecting any other codes on your website related to SSO or MFA.

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