Is Smart Slider 3 GDPR compliant?

The answer to this question is not that simple, but basically yes, Smart Slider 3 is GDPR compliant if you make it so.

⚠️ Warning: While Smart Slider has tools to help you make your site GDPR compliant, it is your responsibility to ensure that all GDPR requirements are met.

Connection between you, the Smart Slider 3 user and the visitor of your website

Google fonts

Smart Slider 3 calls in Google Fonts by default, if they are used anywhere on the slider. And Google Fonts do track visitor data, so the options you have:

  1. From Smart Slider at our Font settings we have a Save Fonts Locally option. This can save down the Smart Slider used Google Fonts for the frontend of your website. So with this option you can use Google fonts without issues, as they will be served from your own domain.
  2. At the Font settings you can turn them off completely.
  3. Write it down in your Privacy Policy, that you are using Google Fonts on your website. We aren't sure who would accept this and who wouldn't, but what we know that as of today, there are millions of websites using Google Fonts, so the acceptance is probably up to the mindset of the person judging the website.

Youtube videos

Youtube videos are creating cookies, which cannot be avoided. With our YouTube And Vimeo Privacy Enhanced Mode option you can make your videos to come from, but even from there, Youtube uses cookies. With these links Youtube only won't use user viewing behavior tracking cookies, but all other cookies are used. This is mentioned in their documentation under the "Manage video embedding options" section. So just like with Google fonts, the only options you have is:

  1. Save them down and use them in the Pro version's Video layer or other mp4 video options.
  2. Don't use them.
  3. Mention them within your Privacy Policy page to your own responsibility.

Maintain slide session

We have a Maintain slide session option, which uses cookies in the visitor's browser to store which slide that person saw last, to be able to continue from that slide after the visitor goes to another page. Either don't use this option or include this in your Privacy Policy, that you are using cookies to store on which slide the visitor was.

Connection between you, the Smart Slider 3 user and us, Nextendweb


You will be connected to our website by doing these actions:

Our Privacy Policy has all of these written down, so you don't really have to do anything and you can freely use these features. GDPR only requires us to inform you about these.

Youtube videos in the admin area

We are displaying some Youtube videos in the admin area from at some cases. Currently (which might changes in the future) we have a video showing how you can activate your license, and another video to let you know how you can get started with Smart Slider. Youtube tracks its videos and uses cookies even from, so this affects you.

Important note

GDPR is still questionable after years of existance, as it doesn't specifically addresses every website related matter. Because of this not even lawyers can answer everything with 100% confidence. As we aren't lawyers, only programmers, we cannot take responsibility for making sure your website is GDPR compliant with our slider on it and if this is very important for you, you will have to consult with someone, who is expert in this field. What we can do is, that if you see any issues, tell us about it and we can discuss it, if there could be codechanges made from our end.

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