⚠️ Warning: Smart Slider 3.4 no longer supports Internet Explorer browser at all!

Upcoming fixes and features

  • Feature: Core Web Vitals improvements
  • Deprecated: Device specific retina images

  • Feature: Randomize and Randomize First can be adjusted individually
  • Feature: Author variable for Joomla article generator
  • Feature: PHP 8 compatibility
  • Fix: YouTube generator PHP warnings
  • Fix: Fixed background is disabled on mobile and tablet devices due to browser compatibility problems
  • Fix: WordPress post generator dates
  • Fix: Margin in Safari Full Screen mode
  • Fix: Thumbnail hover switching
  • Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
  • Fix: WordPress component for Joomla compatibility
  • Removed: Accordion slider type

  • Feature: Accessibility improvements
  • Feature: Alias code was rewritten to support JavaScript links
  • Feature: WooCommerce Product by SKU/ID generator now supports custom fields
  • Fix: WPRocket RocketCDN compatibility
  • Fix: Jetpack lazy loading compatibility
  • Fix: Elementor fix when no slider is selected
  • Fix: WooCommerce generator visibility filter
  • Fix: Layer animation fix
  • Fix: Exclude osyoutube from Run content plugins on sliders
  • Fix: Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar label variable fix
  • Deprecated: PX+

  • Fix: Themify themes output buffer issue

  • Feature: Generator variables for value and start value at Counter layer
  • Fix: Svg flips
  • Fix: Focus Y at Ken Burns effect
  • Fix: Joomla date check at generators
  • Fix: Layer duplication
  • Fix: Themify themes output buffer issue
  • Fix: Remove sliders from AMP pages
  • Other: Black Friday sale notice added

  • Fix: Compatibility fix for Autoptimize's Lazy Loading option

  • Feature: Post slug variable for WordPress Post generator
  • Feature: Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Feature: Full width option for Image box layer
  • Feature: Certain HTML tags are enabled in the Heading layer. See the full list of supported tags.
  • Feature: Events Manager generator: location image variable added
  • Fix: K2 generator image URL
  • Fix: dynamicHeight height animation removed from the main animation
  • Fix: PageSpeed ninja plugin compatibility (enabled Gzip caused missing files.)
  • Fix: Full page slider height with outer controls
  • Fix: Randomize first only works when Randomize is enabled
  • Fix: Group trash and delete
  • Fix: WP Rocket compatibility
  • Fix: Alias switching
  • Fix: Rename in layer list and Breakpoint value change in Safari
  • Fix: Nested Absolute layers in column
  • Fix: Twitter generator URL variable
  • Fix: Output buffer for Speed Booster Pack cache
  • Fix: Restore imported slider in Slider Group
  • Fix: Slider loading optimization
  • Fix: missing icon loading related to multiple sliders in rare cases
  • Fix: You can now use emojis in the input layer
  • Fix: K2 Timezone
  • Fix: Events Manager generator: Remove space and special characters from meta keys
  • Fix: min-height 0 to iframes in slider
  • Fix: Simply Exclude plugin added to conflict list.
  • Fix: SplitText delay
  • Other: Remove "Gravity Forms MC Unique ID Generator Field" compatibility code
  • Deprecated: Show Joomla Admin Footer

  • Feature: Scroll to slide at the Alias
  • Feature: Placeholder uses Min height when its set
  • Feature: BoldGrid Post and Page Builder compatibility
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3 now renders the sliders via iframe in Brizy
  • Fix: HTML layer tidy config for HTML5
  • Fix: Showcase type plays audio layer only on active slide
  • Fix: Clear device Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Fix: Facebook generator manage_pages premission replaced with pages_read_engagement
  • Fix: Trashed sliders showed up in the dashboard in rare cases
  • Fix: Slide Library: remove localStorage slide cache to avoid quota exceeded errors.
  • Fix: Text bar animates with correct opacity
  • Fix: Firefox <a> click with keyboard
  • Fix: play audio layer only when slide is active
  • Fix: HTML layer tidy config for HTML5
  • Fix: Vertical text bar positioning
  • Fix: Vertical text bar won't overlap horizontal thumbnails.
  • Fix: The Class 'Nextend\SmartSlider3Pro\Renderable\Item\Icon2\ItemIcon2 error won't appear again on certain git environments
  • Fix: Beaver Builder compatibility
  • Fix: Go to slide ID scrolling
  • Fix: Image variables might caused errors in a Dynamic slide
  • Fix: Shapedivider and Particle manager won't load with invalid or not handled postMessage()
  • Fix: Carousel type's Justify slides: Center will no longer prevent slide resizing
  • Fix: table names changed for better JEvents compatibility
  • Fix: Redux Framework compatibility
  • Fix: Generator custom sized image variable names
  • Fix: Parallax is disabled in Mac Safari to avoid browser issues
  • Fix: Image box layer image vertical align
  • Other: Google font list updated
  • Deprecated: Afterslider loading type

  • Feature: Vimeo layer custom aspect ratio
  • Feature: YouTube layer custom aspect ratio
  • Fix: Iframe window of Smart Slider in Divi builder
  • Fix: Iframe slider fix when load delayed
  • Fix: Divi fix for shortcode
  • Fix: Hide notice of Analytify in Slide Editor and preview
  • Fix: Remove pixel snapping codes as it might cause Firefox shaking and Chrome does not need is since Chrome v75.
  • Fix: Arrow control - Mirror with previous disabled fix
  • Fix: Disabled arrows for types, where there was no disabled option earlier.
  • Fix: Prevent opening multiple lightboxes at the same time
  • Fix: Slider height when vertical thumbnail hidden
  • Fix: Fix youtube cover image flicker
  • Fix: Empty slide background image after saving a slide which was created in 3.3.x version
  • Fix: Exclude Smart Slider images from A3 Lazy Load plugin to avoid problems
  • Fix: Force iframe mode when HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH = swup
  • Fix: Area layer's empty border
  • Fix: Slide padding value spaces.
  • Fix: Carousel Side spacing

  • Fix: Horizontal bar is not showing in Free version

2020. 05. 19.
  • Feature: Sliders now render in Nimble Builder's editor when their shortcode is used in the builder's shortcode or rich text editor module
  • Fix: Horizontal thumbnail JS error
  • Fix: updating from 3.3.x with an empty Max height will no longer cause 0px tall slider
  • Fix: WordPress Multisite conflict with Network Media Library plugin
  • Fix: WordPress Free line between slides during slide switching with dragging
  • Fix: Thumbnail positioning width Minimum thumbnail count
  • Fix: Slide background without background image in Layer window
  • Fix: OceanWP notice removed from slide editor
  • Fix: canvasheight Control variable
  • Fix: Cursor during canvas interactions at the Slide Editor
  • Fix: video background in block type
  • Other: Notification at the Full screen control that iPhones don't support full screen API
  • Other: Spanish translation updated

  • Feature: Video layer custom aspect ratio
  • Fix: Scroll To action on sites which use jQuery 3.x
  • Fix: Lazy loading when Carousel is disabled
  • Fix: Essential Grid conflict
  • Fix: Trashed Slider Groups no longer show in the Change group popup
  • Fix: WordFence Notice: Array to string conversion
  • Fix: Oxygen builder force iframe in editor
  • Fix: Hide WP User Frontend notice in Slide Editor
  • Fix: Fix year is used at slide publish
  • Fix: Adding .intrinsic-ignore class to frontend iframes and videos to prevent TwentyTwenty bug
  • Fix: Carousel slider Minimum slide distance on small screens
  • Other: Gantry 4 Mootools conflict test added to Help Center
  • Other: Debug info now shows opcache and opcache.revalidate_freq 
  • Other: Show error during install or repair process if there is a database error

2020.05.06. WordPress Pro
  • Fix: SiteOrigin page builder widget

  • Feature: Device specific vertical align for Content and Column layers
  • Fix: Static overlay height at Carousel type
  • Fix: Removed sliders won't block other slider's CSS/JS call
  • Fix: If the slide only has Static overlays, they'll be used as normal slides
  • Fix: Legacy video height issue, when videos didn't get height
  • Fix: Gutenberg PHP error below WordPress 5.0
  • Fix: Proper fallback for the deprecated Fullpage Layout at Carousel and Showcase sliders
  • Fix: Database Index column size
  • Fix: Wrong slider height set after exiting full screen mode
  • Fix: JSN PowerAdmin 2 won't overlap the Top bar at the Slide editor
  • Fix: SG Optimizer compatibility (?ver= for assets)
  • Fix: Prevent ken burns effect to restart
  • Fix: Slider not showing in the content in Thrive theme
  • Fix: Beaver Builder slug

  • Fix: Disabled cache on frontend
  • Fix: GSAP fallback

  • Fix: Sliders will no longer run on pages which are optimized by AMP on WordPress – weeblrAMP CE
  • Fix: Alias is removed from duplicated slider
  • Fix: Compatibility with BuddyBoss theme
  • Fix: Slider's inline JavaScript - Into the slider
  • Fix: Scroll on older iPad devices
  • Fix: Better error notification in the YouTube Generator
  • Fix: Artisteer class not found error fixed
  • Fix: Android Firefox 68 button layer
  • Fix: Pro Slide Library
  • Fix: New cURL user agent for RSS generator
  • Fix: WordPress widget select slider button
  • Fix: Overflow:hidden no longer crops the Transition layer


  • Feature: New tutorial videos added
  • Fix: HTML export
  • Fix: Simple slider type - Slider background
  • Fix: Hide slider on devices
  • Fix: WordPress Gutenberg editor language won't change to English on non-English sites
  • Fix: Animated shape divider in TwentyTwenty theme
  • Fix: Chained absolute layers are correctly draggable
  • Fix: PHP 7.4 fixes
  • Deprecated: The following generators are deprecated and will be removed on 31st December, 2020: JReviews, JCart, Zoo, DJ Classifieds, Cobalt, JomSocial, JAuction, JMarket and Dribbble. The dynamic slides you previously created will work until December 31st, 2020, but you are no longer able to create new dynamic slides.
  • Translation strings updated

  • Feature: Slider trash
  • Feature: Stop autoplay on added to the free version
  • Feature: Hide controls on devices added to the free version
  • Feature: Loading type
  • Deprecated: Main animation delay at Showcase and Carousel type.
  • Translation strings updated

⚠️ Warning: Do not install the Beta version on a live environment! Once you install version 3.4, you won't be able to downgrade to version 3.3!
  • System requirements WordPress 4.9 or greater, Joomla 3.9 or greater, PHP 7.0 or greater
  • Feature: Content mode was renamed to Default and Canvas mode is now called Absolute.
  • Feature: complete redesigned UI
  • Feature: Breakpoint system
  • Feature: Nesting
  • Feature: Layer list
  • Feature: Focus selector for background images
  • Feature: Preview
  • Feature: Contextual menu
  • Feature: Hide slide on devices Pro
  • Feature: Orion theme updated for Slide Library
  • Feature: More Slide Library templates are available for free users
  • Feature: Block type available in Free version
  • Deprecated: Accordion slider type
  • Deprecated: Ecwid, Instagram, Picasa, Odude generators
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