How can I deactivate a domain?

Each license is connected to one website on one domain. There's a deactivation limit on each purchase package, which means you can deactivate the activated domain this many times:

  • Standard: 1 deactivation/year
  • Premium (3 domains): 2 deactivations/year
  • Premium (5 domains): 3 deactivations/year
  • Premium (10 domains): 5 deactivations/year

At your account you can see this information.

You can also see how many deactivations are still available.

If you used up your deactivations, we display the date when the next deactivation will be allowed.

Why is the deactivation limited?

The deactivations are limited, because this deactivation was made to give you an option for cases, when you are changing your domain address or if you have to use a development domain that doesn't match any of our whitelisted patterns.

☝️ Note: If you are using a development domain, which isn't in our whitelisted domain list, but it also has a clear pattern to identify it as a development domain, then contact us and if it meets our requirements, we will add it to our list.

Licenses were not made to be moved freely between different websites. We are trying to avoid to have support tickets for multiple unrelated websites using the same license. We had customers owning one domain license, who asked for support for 50+ different websites (some even more) and we had to figure out something to limit this down. So if we help to use our slider on one website, then if you need help on another website, you will need to have another license for that website.

Deactivating a domain

You can deactivate a domain at your account as many times as your package allows. After the domain was deactivated, the related license is freed, so you can activate another domain.

Deactivating Smart Slider 3 on a domain

You can deactivate an already activated Smart Slider 3 at the Dashboard ⭢ Info Popup. This deactivation is not limited. This deactivation does not remove the domain license, only deactivates the access of the premium features of this Smart Slider 3 installation. (So your package's domain deactivation limit will not be affected.)

How to activate a domain?

Follow these instructions.

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