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Links are not working in frontend

Clicking on any button or control, like on an arrow doesn't work.

The problem can that you published our slider into a placement, which is under the clickable area (under z-index:0;) or you have another transparent element in front of the slider. Try to publish your slider in another placement to see if this could be the reason.

If it works from there, use your browser's troubleshooting tools to see what element is above the slider.

The buttons are not clickable on the preview

If you can't click on your buttons on the preview either, you have a layer that covers the button. For example, if you have a Static Overlay there might be layers (such as a(n empty) row that covers the button. Try unpublishing your Static Overlay and see if that helps. If it does, remove the layer(s) that cover the button.

Links are pointing to a wrong URL

Links point to a completely different URL

If you have layers, where the links aren't working or they are pointing to wrong places, the problem could be, that we also have link on the slides and you might used that option too. So make sure you don't have any link/action on the entire slide, only on your layer.

The link puts the site URL in front of the entered link

If you added to a link field, and it gets added to the URL, like then the problem is that you're linking relatively, but you need to use an absolute URL instead.

Browsers work that way that if you don't set a protocol (http or https), they assume the path you entered is a relative path within your site. So they simply place the URL of your site in front of the written URL.

To avoid this problem, always use http or https URLs in the link fields, such as

Links are not working

Check the link you entered and make sure it starts with http or https. A common issue is that the # character is not removed before the new link is added. As a result, you create an anchor link.

Anchor links are used for navigation within the same page. So by entering # to the link field you're telling the browser to go to the element with the ID within the same page where you have the slider.

Wrong image URLs

Possible error messageYour upload path is not valid or does not exist

By default your images are coming from a similar url: If you have an error, where you have a similar path for your website: home/domains/ and the url is wrong in a way, that it includes this path: then the problem could be, that the upload folder was customized wrongly.

Go to WordPress menu → Settings → Media → Store uploads in this folder and modify the value to the suggested default value. The way this setting works is, that if everything is correct with your upload folder's path, you cannot see this setting. So after saving the setting correctly if you see it being disappeared, don't worry, you just solved the problem.

Generator links point to a different place than the menu Joomla

In Joomla there are two types of pages, one of them are the Content pages, like Joomla articles, webshop pages, K2 item pages, etc... The other pages are the {Menu Manager pages, including the menu points, what you have created for your menu. You can create for example a category page, and go to your article from there, you can also create a latest articles page, so there are a lot of options to reach an article, and there is no way to know, which one you want, that is why our generators just link to the default simple content page. In the generators, where you can see an Itemid option, you can change that, as you can read in their documentation. Where you don't see that option, you can't change it, because those don't support this and from our end it cannot be done!

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