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Slider only show up correctly for logged in users, not for logged out users

When you are seeing differences between logged in and logged out users, that always means a cache plugin problem. Cache plugins are working that way, that you are seeing the not cached version when you are logged in, but the cached version where you are logged out. You should try to clear the cache of your website's caching plugin and if that wouldn't work, search for the name of your cache plugin in our documentation in case you find one specifically for that plugin.

We're storing one version of the slider, so if you make changes to the slider, but it doesn't show up that also happens because of a 3rd party cache. Make sure you clear your cache plugin's cache after every change you make in the slider.

Problem with minifications

Our code usually works with most JavaScript and CSS merging and minifying plugins/extensions, but not all plugin does. If they have an error, that will cause an error in the whole merged file including our code. You should just turn off your JavaScript, CSS merge, minification in your plugin, or delete the plugins causing troubles, or contact the developer of your minifying plugin!

You could also try to find some "exclude" option at the plugin's settings, where you could exclude our files by file path: wp-content/cache/nextend

WP Rocket WordPress

If you are using WP Rocket, you might experience issues with its minification which changes the loading order of our files.

To find the minification/optimization settings of WP Rocket, you have to go to your left WordPress admin menu's Settings WP RocketFile Optimization.

Load JavaScript deferred

This option isn't compatible with our codes, so you have to turn it off.

Excluded our files

WP Rocket also has an exclude option, where you should write this to the Excluded CSS Files option:


and this to the Excluded JavaScript Files:


You should write this to the Excluded Inline JavaScript


These are the places from where we are calling in our files, so this should make the minification to skip them.

Delay JavaScript execution

WP Rocket's Delay JavaScript execution feature will delay the loading of the slider, too. If you experience long loading times, maybe you need to interact with the page to make the slider load, then you need to exclude our files and inline codes from this feature. For this, you should add the pattern below, to the Excluded JavaScript Files field that you find under the Delay JavaScript execution setting :

new _N2
WP Rocket CDN

WP Rocket's CDN option has a bug in its current version (2021.05.18.), that it cannot handle urls without http or https within srcsets, like this one:

   <source srcset="//">
   <img src="//">

and they are adding cdn twice to the url, while it only should be added once: //

Until they will resolve it, you should turn it off at your WordPress left admin menu's Settings -> WP Rocket -> CDN -> Enable Content Delivery Network.

Removes unused CSS

The Remove unused CSS option messes up the sliders, so you should add the following to the CSS safelist field to exclude our codes:

☝️ Note: The Remove unused CSS option of WP Rocket is currently in Beta, and it can have bigger issues so we currently don't support it.

WP Fastest Cache WordPress

If your Smart Slider doesn't work with the CSS and JS minification of WP Fastest Cache, then you could exclude our files from WP Fastest Cache by adding these words to the CSS and JS url containment exclusion:


JCH Optimize

Go to your Extensions → Plugins, filter out the "system" plugins and move the Smart Slider 3 System Plugin plugin before JCH Optimize. This is the order of how codes are running on your website, and this could make JCH Optimize to skip our codes.

JCH Optimize's lazy loading

JCH Optimize seems to have an issue when image srcsets are used, and they are failing to lazy load any images this way. You should go to your top admin menu's Extensions → Plugins → JCH Optimize→ Lazy-load tab, and add skip-lazy to the Exclude these classes list.

Nitropack WordPress

Nitropack's optimization might cause problems with the slider. Visit and go to the top Settings menupoint:

There you should turn on Excluded Resources (Images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.). Press Add an Exclude and fill it the following way:

Asset URL/Code Resource Type Resource Relation Device Excluded Operations
SmartSlider3 Any Resource Type Any Resource Relation Any Device All Operation
_N2 Any Resource Type Any Resource Relation Any Device All Operation
smart-slider Any Resource Type Any Resource Relation Any Device All Operation

As you can see on the screenshot below:

Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader

Rocket Loader from Cloudflare is calling in the JavaScript files after everything else has been loaded, but because of this a lot of JavaScript events are skipped, which are used by many JavaScript developers, so complex codes like ours aren't working with it, and you shouldn't use it.

But according to this article the loaded scripts can be ignored by giving data-cfasync="false" to them. Go to Global settings → Framework and find Script attributes under JavaScript and write this to the field:


Autoptimize has an option for Critical CSS. This isn't compatible with our slider, so you should turn it off.

You can try to exclude our CSS and JS files from Autoptimize's minifications by adding our folder to the exclusion list:

Free Smart Slider 3:

Pro Smart Slider 3:

Autoptimize's Aggregate CSS-files? option prevents the fonticons from loading properly. To solve the problem, you should write the following to the Exclude CSS from Autoptimize: field:
fontawesome.min.css, icomoon.min.css, linearicons.min.css, materialicons.min.css, typicons.min.css

Then go to Global settings → Framework and enable Async non-primary CSS to async the fonts from our end.

Litespeed cache

Litespeed cache has an option for Critical CSS. This isn't compatible with our slider, so you should turn it off.

You can try to exclude our CSS and JS files from Litespeed cache's minifications by adding the word smart-slider to the exclusion lists:

SG Optimizer WordPress

SG optimizer's Combine CSS Files option causes some of our files not to be called in, as it skips codes for some reason. Turn off SG OptimizerFrontend OptimizationCombine CSS Files and it should solve the problem.

WP Meteor

The WP Meteor plugin mess with the loading of our codes, so you'll need to exclude everything Smart Slider related from their optimization.

To test if it's actually WP Meteor that causes the problem, add ?wpmeteordisable after the URL where you see the problem. The sliders should load normally afterwards.

Go to WP Meteor → Exclusions tab, turn on "Exclude scripts matching regexp from optimization", and write the following URLs to the field:

☝️ Note: Make sure you replace in the URL examples below with your site URL.
Smart Slider Free
Smart Slider Pro

If excluding the URLs does not make any difference, contact the developers of WP Meteor, because that means their exclusion doesn't work properly.

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