Slider settings - Controls

The Controls tab is located at the Slider settings page.



Defines the drag and touch direction of your slider.

  • Disabled: Disables the ability to switch slides by mouse drag or touch action.
  • Horizontal: You can switch slides by a horizontal mouse drag or touch action.
  • Vertical: You can switch slides by a vertical mouse drag or touch action.
☝️ Note: The Drag option makes the "grab" cursor type appear on the slider when it's enabled. If you want to keep the drag feature enabled but not have the "grab" cursor, you can override it with CSS, that you can place in your theme's CSS giving place or to the Slider settings → Developer tab → CSS field.
   cursor: default!important;
Mouse wheel

You can switch slides by scrolling with the mouse wheel.

  • Disabled: Mouse wheel actions can't switch slides.
  • Vertical: Vertical scrolling will switch slides.
  • Horizontal: Horizontal scrolling will switch slides. It only works on devices, which support horizontal scrolling, such as devices with touchpad and certain mouses.
You should note, that because of the many mouse types, we had to create bigger delays between the scrolls, which might won't feel very smooth. You can read more about this in here.

You can switch slides using your keyboard. The direction is based on the Drag option's value. If it's set to Disabled or Horizontal, you can use the left-right arrow to switch slides. If it's set to Vertical, you can use the up-down arrows to switch slides.


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Normal/active/hover state of style/font options

Within the style option (like Dot style, Thumbnail style) or font options (like Title font, Description font) you can change between different states on the top right:

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