How can I move a license to another domain?

First you should check if the domain, where the license is currently used, is on our whitelist or not. Then follow the appropriate documentation:

Move license from a non-whitelisted domain

☝️ Note: The created sliders won't be affected by the license change.

This is the process you need to follow, when your domain changes from a non-whitelisted domain.

Step 1

Go to your account and deactivate the old domain.

⚠️ Warning: You can only deactivate domains if you haven't used up your yearly limit yet.

Step 2

Go to the admin area of your new domain.

Step 3

If an activated Smart Slider is already installed

Follow these steps.

If Smart Slider is not installed yet

Install Smart Slider 3 on your new domain and then activate it.

Move license from a whitelisted domain

☝️ Note: The created sliders won't be affected by the license change.

You'll need to follow these steps if your domain changed from a whitelisted domain.

Step 1

At your new domain, go to Smart Slider 3's dashboard, click the top right info bell icon and deactivate the license.

The yearly limitation doesn't counts this deactivation. So the deactivation on your own admin area can happen any number of times.

Step 2

Activate the slider.

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