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Possible causes on WordPress

JavaScript error caused a plugin or theme

The most common cause of this problem is when there's a wrong plugin installed, or there's a wrong theme file which causes a JavaScript error on the backend. Use your browser's developers tools to see if that's the case. You might see the error message appearing on refreshing the page, but it could happen, that you will only see it when you try to save on your slide/slider or use the option, which doesn't want to work.

Another option to debug this problem is to run a plugin/theme conflict test and check the problem still happens after each plugin you enabled.

Possible causes on Joomla

JavaScript error

This can happen, if you have a wrong extension installed. You should check for JavaScript errors like this to try to figure out what is causing the problem. You might see the error message appearing on refreshing the page, but it could happen, that you will only see it when you try to save on your slide/slider or use the option, which doesn't want to work.

You could try to go to your Extensions → Plugins, filter out the system plugins, and unpublish them (except the Smart Slider 3 System Plugin). If the error goes away after you disabled these plugins, one of them caused the issue. Start turning them back on one by one to see which one is responsible.

HTML error

These kind of problems usually make the editor not load.

HTML error from custom codes

If you enter any custom code to the slider, make sure they're valid. A common problem is that tags stay unclosed or you close tags you didn't open. For example, you want to bold some texts, but the closing </b> tag is not present. Or you copy an HTML code from somewhere that's inside a container, like a <div> but you don't copy the opening <div> tag, just the closing one. This messes up your slider.

Try to unpublish all your slides and see if you can edit them individually like this. Make sure you get all your custom codes fixed on each slide before turning them on again.

HTML error from a dynamic slide

Another common problem is having an HTML error caused by a dynamic slide. Some variables in the dynamic slide might contain HTML codes, and using the Split by Chars option can remove the closing tag of these HTML codes. If you use the Split by Chars options, make sure you also enabled the Remove HTML filter to ensure that no HTML codes get split up.

Server limitation

These kind of problems usually prevent the saving action from working properly.

Server limitation

Try to turn on the Alternative Save Slide option at the Global settings → General. It can help with problems when you can't save because of a server setting, like at some hosts have a setting to prevent saving down URLs.

If the same works for some settings, but not for others, go to the Help Center. At the bottom find the section called "Debug information" and search for the max_input_vars option. Make sure its value is at leasts 1000.

This option determines how many variables ("options") can your server work with. If it's too low then the server will not be able to handle some options you want to save. To get the problem solved, contact your host and ask them to increase the max_input_vars to at least 1000.

Memory limit

Usually servers are limiting the size of what you are trying to save, so if you managed to save so far, just you made your slider bigger, then this will be your problem and you should contact your server host to increase the memory_limit on your server. Also you could ask them to check the error log, which could also tell the cause.

406 - Not Acceptable [...] This error was generated by Mod_Security

Similar error message:

406 - Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

Mod_Security errors mean, that your server host has some security setting, which doesn't allow certain contents to be saved down by your website. This Mod_Security should be turned off at the server, because it is a wrong configuration, as you should be able to save down any content you want to. In most cases there aren't even workarounds for the errors this Mod_Security limitation causes.

So you should contact your server host and ask them to turn off Mod_Security on your server!

Any other 40x or 50x error (403, 404, 500 and so on)

These kind of errors generally mean a server problem, like a reached limitation or other setting. You should contact your host about these problems, as they have an error log that tells exactly what made the 40x or 50x error appear and fix the problem based on the log.

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